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Practical information that you will surely find useful

On other pages, we have explained in detail how an electronic vignette will work and what benefits it will bring compared to classic paper vignettes. However, you may also be interested in practical advice, so we have compiled the following questions and answers. If you want to find out about something that we have not written about, please write to us, we will be happy to answer you.
  • an electronic vignette does not require any other form, such as a sticker
  • the electronic vignette is valid at the time of issue, usually within 15 minutes
  • an electronic vignette can be purchased using a smartphone or computer
  • you can pay the electronic vignette with a payment card, credit card, SMS Premium, BLIK

Do I have to have an electronic vignette from 01/01/2021?

You do not have to buy an electronic vignette already at the beginning of January if you have a valid annual vignette from 2020. It will be traditionally valid until 01/31/2021. An electronic vignette is characterized by the fact that purchased on a specific date is valid for 365 days, so it is profitable to buy an annual vignette at any time of the year.
  • an annual electronic vignette can be purchased at any time, it is valid for 365 days
  • the electronic vignette is valid from the moment it is issued, and if you buy in advance from 00:00

Can I go immediately after paying for the electronic vignette?

If you pay for an electronic vignette using a payment card, all you need to do is enter the vehicle details, select the type of electronic vignette, its expiry date and pay. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will be able to start your journey. If you decide to pay by bank transfer, you will only be able to use the toll sections of the motorways after receiving the payment confirmation. In practice, the purchase of an electronic vignette takes place within 15 minutes of making the payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the purchase of the vignette. You can also order an SMS vignette confirmation for an additional fee.
  • you buy online and within 15 minutes you have a confirmation of vignette purchase via e-mail
  • you can also order confirmation of the purchase of an SMS e-vignette
  • if you do not receive a confirmation, be sure to contact us at

When will it be possible to buy an electronic vignette?

Electronic vignettes can be purchased at any time in the online store - using a computer or smartphone. It is worth making the purchase a few hours earlier before the trip, because on Fridays and days of heavy traffic, the processing time for issuing an electronic vignette may be extended to 1 hour.
  • when buying an electronic vignette, you define yourself from when it should work, maybe immediately or a maximum of 3 months
  • after purchase, you receive a confirmation of vignette registration, and you can continue driving to the Czech Republic

When will I receive a payment confirmation if I have made a bank transfer?

You will receive a confirmation of payment only after the amount is credited to our account (up to 5 days). We issue an electronic vignette on the 5th or sixth day after paying by bank transfer. When paying with an ATM card, a premium SMS blip, you receive an electronic vignette usually up to 15 minutes, and on days of increased traffic up to 1 hour. Electronic vignettes are issued 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • by bank transfer, the purchase of a vignette is usually a form of deferred purchase, usually takes up to 5 days
  • choose the validity period of the vignette +5 days,  
  • you are going on vacation, you can buy an electronic vignette in advance, e.g. 1 month, maximum 3 months

Can an electronic vignette be transferred to a new vehicle if I sell the old one?

The electronic vignette cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another, so if the vehicle is sold, the electronic vignette will remain with the previous vehicle. The car buyer then automatically becomes the buyer of the vignette. If he re-registers the car and changes the registration number, he will lose the right to use the vignette purchased for the registration number.
  • the vignette is valid for the registration number, it is not possible to transfer the vignette
  • the vignette is only linked to the registration number of the vehicle

Is the electronic vignette valid for the entire first and last day of the selected period?

In the case of a regular purchase of an electronic vignette, the beginning of its validity is determined by the date and time of payment. You will find this information on the confirmation you will receive by e-mail, on the purchase document. The confirmation also shows the end validity of the electronic vignette, however the rule that it is the given day, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds always applies.

If you use the option to defer the validity period of the electronic vignette (you can buy it up to three months in advance), the electronic vignette will become valid on the chosen day at midnight.

Can I determine myself when the electronic vignette will become valid?

Yes, it was the first time that the beginning of validity could be specified, also in the case of the annual electronic vignette. The annual version of the electronic vignette can also be purchased at any time during the year, with the period of validity of one year counting from the chosen date of the beginning of validity. For example, if you buy an annual electronic vignette on November 22, 2021, and the purchase date will be the validity date, it will be valid until November 21, 2022 at 23:59:59.

You can postpone the beginning of the validity period for all three types of electronic vignettes with your purchase by up to three months.

What happens if I make a mistake when buying an electronic vignette and I buy it by mistake for a different registration number? Can the transaction be canceled?

If you buy an electronic vignette in an online store and want it to apply immediately after paying the fee, pay attention to the entered data. If you confirm everything, pay and then find that the details are incorrect, you cannot change or cancel them.
If you use the online store when buying an electronic vignette and you postpone its validity period, you can correct incorrectly entered data until the validity date of the electronic vignette. Namely: you can make one change of the registration number and one change of the beginning of validity of the electronic vignette.

How will I know when my electronic vignette expires?

There are several ways to determine when your electronic vignette expires. You can check it online on the website, where you just need to select the country of registration and the registration number of the vehicle. Another option is that you leave the notification to us. If you provide your contact details when purchasing an electronic vignette and indicate that you want to receive a notification that the validity period is approaching, we will send it to you.

Will my electronic vignette remain valid even after the change of the vehicle's registration number?

The electronic vignette cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another (similarly to the previous sticker vignette) and is only valid for the registration number you have chosen.

What to do if the vehicle has disposable number plates issued?

If it is necessary to use the toll road by a vehicle with disposable registration plates, it is necessary to purchase a short-term electronic vignette.

Have a good journey and have a nice trip!