How to buy a vignette?

How do I buy in the online store?

The easiest way to get an electronic vignette is to buy it in an online store. It is available both from a computer and a smartphone.
Vehicle drivers have the option of purchasing an electronic vignette in the online store – with just a few clicks and from anywhere.
  • Select country to which you want to go.
  • Select type of vehicle e.g. passenger car up to 3.5 tons
  • Select duration vignettes e.g. week, month, year, 365 days, as well as additional features such as ECO car (green arrays)
  • Select country where you have a registered vehicle , usually You select (Poland), but if you have a car registered e.g. in Austria , or England (United Kingdom), then you select the country where you have your vehicle registered.

Remember that an incorrectly selected country causes the vignette to be registered incorrectly, and there is no easy way to change it, sometimes you just have to buy a new vignette.  

  • Enter the registration number of the vehicle, remember that a mistake causes the vignette to be incorrectly registered, and often after the purchase, it is not possible to cancel this transaction.  

You have entered the registration number, then for all cases check with the registration certificate that you have entered the correct one registration number.

  • Then select the date from which the vignette should apply.
If from today, from now on, remember that registration itself does not entitle you to use the motorways, please wait for an email and SMS confirming that the vignette is active. In Hungary, for example, activation may take up to 30 minutes. &Nbsp;
  • Then press “ Order &rdquo ;.
  • Check your order, if it matches, press “ Pay ”
  • Choose payment method, you can pay:
    • blink

    • by debit or credit card

    • by quick transfer from your bank

    • paypalem


After payment You should receive confirmation of your vignette order by e-mail.

Now you can relax, have a coffee …

Confirmation of vignette registration is usually sent by e-mail and SMS within 15 minutes.

If it takes longer than 30 minutes, be sure to contact us by phone or e-mail, SMS to clarify this situation.  

We work 24 hours a day, but at night from 00:00 to 06:00 please call.

Note, if you have a payment problem, please call us, we try to fix the problems with payment. If you need a vignette and you don't know how to pay, maybe we can also find a solution. &Nbsp;

We invite you to use the website.

Please note that once the vignette has been successfully registered, it is no longer possible to withdraw from the contract.